Vermont Disclosure Relating To Amount To Be Financed In A Motor Vehicle Retail Installment Contract As Required By 8 V.S.A. Section 2355(f)(1)(J) And Relating to Department of Motor Vehicles Dealer's Vehicle Record Log Sheet

Sunday, June 25, 2006
Banking Bulletin #28

This bulletin: (a) specifies the form of the Vermont disclosure relating to the amount to be financed in a motor vehicle retail installment contract (including disclosures about negative equity), as required by 8 V.S.A. §2355(f)(1)(J; (b) responds to inquires regarding the calculation of "cash price" for purposes of the disclosure form and for purposes of the Department of Motor Vehicles Dealer's Vehicle Record log sheet; and (c) responds to inquiries about whether the purchase and use tax should be included in the "cash price" of the motor vehicle.

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