Captive Insurance Contact Information

Department Mailing Address:

State of Vermont
Department of Financial Regulation – Captive Division
89 Main Street
Montpelier, VT 05620-3101
Phone: (802) 828-3304
Fax: (802) 828-3460

Captive Department Staff Listing:
  • David Provost, Deputy Commissioner of Captives 
  • Sandy Bigglestone, Director of Captive Insurance
  • Christine Brown, Assistant Director of Captive Insurance
  • Becky Aitchison, Examiner III
  • Val Stark, Administrative Assistant
  • Kathy Schauer, Financial Analyst
  • Vaughn Carney, Assistant General Counsel
Captive Field Examination staff:
  • Dan Petterson, Director of Financial Examinations
  • Stacey Alden, Administrative Insurance Examiner
  • Jonathan Spencer, Administrative Insurance Examiner
  • Lance Tourville, Administrative Insurance Examiner
  • Heidi Rabtoy, Administrative Insurance Examiner
  • Jim DeVoe-Talluto, Examiner-in-Charge
  • Pat Doran, Examiner-in-Charge
  • Brian Gorton, Examiner-in-Charge
  • John Johnston, Examiner-in-Charge
  • Jenn Kerner, Examiner-in-Charge
  • Peter Tuhacek, Examiner-in-Charge
  • Kristin Brynga, Examiner-in-Charge
  • Cathleen Brouillette, Examiner III
  • Jenny Coates, Examiner III
  • Jayne Gamache, Examiner III
  • Kara Gibbs, Examiner III
  • Tanya Gregoire, Examiner III
  • Stacey Kenyon, Examiner III
  • Jennifer Ryan, Examiner III
  • Amber Walsh, Examiner III
  • Wendy Dubois, Examiner III
  • Amy Dowd, Examiner III
  • Jocelyn Lamb, Examiner II
  • Abby Bernier – Examiner III
  • Amber Nichols – Examiner III
  • Megan Hulette – Examiner III


Department Email Addresses:  First Name.Last Name (a) vermont.gov