Insurance Consumer

Insurance Consumer

Renters Insurance Advisory

Things You May Not Know about Obtaining Renter’s Insurance

Insurance Fraud Advisory

INSURANCE FRAUD: Don’t Be a Victim

What Is It and How Do I Report It?

Each year, insurance fraud costs companies and consumers alike tens of billions of dollars. In order to better identify and reduce incidents of insurance fraud  - and, most important, protect consumers  -  the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) offers the following tips for identifying and responding to insurance fraud.

What Is Insurance Fraud?

Guaranty Fund Advisory

In most cases of insurance company insolvency, a safety net in the form of a “guaranty association” provides protection to Vermont’s insurance consumers. Vermont has two such associations:  one for property and casualty insurance, and another for life, accident and health insurance (one product class), and annuities.

Be Claim Smart Advisory

Consumer Alert

How to Be “Claim Smart”

In times of crisis or following a major disaster, many consumers may be overwhelmed and confused by the insurance claims-filing process.

Insurance Consumer Information

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