Data Security Breach Notices

Each company below has notified applicable Vermont consumers of data security breaches that may have affected the consumers' personally identifiable information.

For more information see The Security Breach Notice Act Bulletin

9/09/2015 Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield1.73 MB
6/29/2015 Citizen's Bank103.19 KB
6/2/2015 Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corp143.59 KB
6/15/2015 State Farm131.5 KB
6/08/2015 Homestead Funding Corp302.27 KB
5/28/2015 Ameriprise Financial Services1.39 MB
5/15/2015 Associated Dentists121.57 KB
4/17/2015 Columbian Financial Group167.82 KB
4/10/2015 HSBC191.16 KB
4/10/2015 - Ameriprise Merchant's Bank1.31 MB
3/30/2015 Weyerhauser (Premera)90.11 KB
3/27/2015 - Health Care Service Corp. (Premera)905.2 KB
3/27/2015 NASAA181.62 KB
3/20/2015 Nuance Anthem2.1 MB
3/17/2015 - Premera Blue Cross2.11 MB
3/12/2015 Anthem letter to all impacted members567.29 KB
3/12/2015 Anthem letter to members whose SSN was impacted620.72 KB
3/12/2015 Anthem letter to members whose SSN was not impacted617.16 KB
3/03/2015 Wendy's (Anthem)116.12 KB
3/02/2015 New York Life Insurance Company172.9 KB
2/24/2015 - Anthem Blue Cross331.41 KB
2/24/2015 Blue Cross Blue Shield letter re: Vermonters affected by breach86.01 KB
12/15/2014 Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company42.9 KB
11/26/2014 Nationstar366.36 KB
11/13/2014 Visionworks160.39 KB
9/16/2014 NEAT Management Group181.1 KB
9/15/2014 CMFG Life Insurance Co. (CUNA Mutual)172.28 KB
8/22/2014 Stonebridge Life Insurance Co.85.04 KB
8/06/2014 Anderson and Munson Inc.708.45 KB
8/01/2014 United Services Automobile Association197.42 KB
6/18/2014 Goldman-Sachs Data Breach Notice82.25 KB
12/16/2013 - Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company202.16 KB