Insurance Regulations, Orders, Bulletins & Market Conduct


Vermont law is set forth in a set of green books entitled “Vermont Statues Annotated”.  The books are similar to an encyclopedia, with each Volume containing one or more Titles.  Titles are broken down into Chapters and Sections.

They can be found in most public libraries, and are on the Internet at Insurance Law is found in Title 8.

Proposed Regulations

To review a current list of proposed rules and regulations, accompanying documentation, public hearing dates/locations, and deadlines for public comment, please click here.

Regulations, Orders, Bulletins & Market Conduct


Link to Vermont Insurance Regulations

  • promulgated by authority of a statute to carry out legislation;
  • have the full force and effect of law;
  • may include penalties for violations.


Link to Vermont Insurance Orders

  • decision issued by the Commissioner.


Link to Vermont Insurance Bulletins

  • to provide guidance in the interpretation of and compliance with statute;
  • deemed to be correct unless found to be clearly erroneous by a court of competent jurisdiction.

 Market Conduct

Link to Vermont Market Conduct Exams

  • through examinations and investigations, the Insurance Division's Market Conduct and Enforcement sections make sure that companies doing business in Vermont comply with state laws and treat consumers in a fair and equitable manner.

If you would like to see a listing of regulations, bulletins and orders for DFR's other Divisions, you can access that information here.