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For Electronic Submission of a Resident or Non-Resident Insurance License Applications


NIPR logo NIPR (National Insurance Producer Registry) The NIPR Gateway is an electronic gateway developed to link state insurance departments with the insurance companies, which they regulate. The goal is to simplify communications and to distribute information electronically, including licensing applications, appointments and terminations. The NIPR Gateway was designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the state licensing process among all parties through automation, standardization and reciprocity.



Sircon Licensing SIRCON®(State Insurance Regulators Connection) provides a powerful, yet easy to administer, e-licensing and appointment interface for insurance companies to perform online transactions and inquiries with state insurance regulatory agencies. SIRCON eliminates the traditionally slow, inefficient and paper-based method of interacting with state regulatory databases and replaces it with a browser-based method that requires no expensive investment in software.