Continuing Education Requirements

Information on Continuing Education (CE) Requirements for Insurance Producers and FAQ’s.  Prometric is the Department’s Continuing Education vendor. The CE Producer Information Fact Sheet is a complete guide to the CE program and will provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Continuing Education requirements for Insurance Producers

  1. All producers are required to complete a total of 24 hours of CE each review period after their first renewal or eligibility for renewal.
  2. All producers must take three hours of ethics education every review period.  The three hours of ethics can be counted towards the overall 24-hour CE requirement.
  3. All property and casualty producers must satisfy a one-time, three-hour flood insurance course.  The three-hour flood requirement can be counted toward a producer’s overall 24 hour CE requirement.
  4. The CE Review Period coincides with the license term, and ends on March 31st of odd years. A producer may request a six-month extension (from March 31st) for completion of CE requirements.
  5. All producers selling long term care insurance must complete additional training specific to Long Term Care Insurance and the Vermont Medicaid Program. For additional information see Rule H-2009-01.

Click Here to check your CE Credits for the prior period as well as the current period of April 1, 2015 through March 31, 2017.

Below is information about the Vermont Continuing Education Program

Effective June 1, 2009, all continuing education rosters will be entered electronically by continuing education providers into the Department’s Sircon database (Note: Providers are still required to provide course completion certificates to course attendees). Direct reporting by providers will enable producers real-time access to all credits that have been reported by a provider. Providers will be charged a $1.50 per credit hour for all continuing education submissions.

If your credits have not been posted within 30 days of your course completion date, you should contact the CE Provider to inquire about the posting of your credits.


A course completion certificate is your proof of completion of the required courses. A provider is required to provide a completion certificate within 20 days of the course completion date. It is your responsibility to acquire, keep and safeguard them for the current and preceding review periods. The information provided on this website regarding CE credits does not take the place of the Course Completion Certificates. The Department may at any time request your course completion certificates to verify your attendance and successful completion of approved CE courses.


Important Notice: Effective June 1, 2009 Providers are required to report roster credit hours electronically. For information about the reporting process click here