Aetna Life Insurance Company




Thu, 04/10/2014


Aetna Life Insurance Company’s Large Group Third Quarter 2013 rate filing.  The company’s requests that the proposed rates be effective from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. 

The company’s 2013 filing proposes no change to the currently approved rates for its large group health insurance plans.  At the time of filing, there were no existing policyholders. 

This filing is not subject to public comment.

Click attachment to view entire filing.

Once the actuarial opinion has been received by the Department and the Commissioner’s recommendation concerning this filing has been made, these documents will be found at the Green Mountain Care Board’s rate review website:  You can search the Board’s website using the SERFF tracking number at the top of this page.  Once the decision has been issued by the Board we will update the status of the filing on our website.  Please note there is a time lapse between when the filing is submitted to our Department and when the Board issues the decision.

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