L&A Regulatory Requirements

To ensure compliance with all Life & Annuity filings, please review the pertinent citations.

Bulletin 110


Pertinence to Filing Procedures

8VSA §3541

General filing requirements

Reg. I-88-03

All variable life insurance forms must be filed for prior approval

Reg. I-2001-03

Concerns replacement of life policies and annuity contracts - now applies to both in certain circumstances


Bulletin 120

Life, Annuity and Health filings/fees

Bulletin 121

Indexed life insurance/elements of filing - include a draft of the buyer's guide

Bulletin 128

Civil unions/if filing an alternate to the Vermont prescribed endorsement

Bulletin 132

GLB Sec 305 - expedited filing procedure for disclosure requirements

Bulletin 137

Terrorist exclusions not approved

Bulletin 138

Expedited filing procedures for HIV-related tests. See also: HIV-Related Forms Filing Resources for Insurers