Liquor Liabililty

Vermont Mandated Reporting (Liquor Liability Report)
Part of the Vermont Annual Statement Instructions

  • 8 V.S.A. §3567 and Insurance Division Bulletin 89 mandate the collection of liquor liability statistics.  Licensed and non-licensed or surplus lines insurers who provide liquor liability coverage are required to complete the attached report.  Following are a few general instructions for completing the Vermont Liquor Liability Report:
  • Complete both Vermont and countrywide reports only if your company has Vermont experience to report.  If your company has no Vermont experience, return the Vermont report with either zeros entered or marked “nothing to report.”  If you do not have Vermont experience, do not complete the countrywide report.  The Vermont report must be completed even if there is no Vermont experience.
  • This report is to be filed for your company only, not for your Group.  However, please identify your NAIC group code and group name on the report.’
  • Premiums may be estimated.  However, if you do, then note that the premiums are estimated on the report.

If you have any questions regarding this report, please contact Kevin Gaffney at (802)828-4845. 


Link to Vermont Liquor Liability Report form