Vermont Price Monitor Report

Chapter 128 of Title 8, Vermont Statutes Annotated, requires insurance companies doing business in Vermont to submit rate information to the Department of Financial Regulation in order to monitor competition.

Accordingly, the Department requires a Price Monitor Report to be completed annually providing year end data for the past two years. The Insurer will need to update the reporting years to reflect the two most current reporting years. (ie., February 2013 reporting would include 12/31/2011 and 12/31/2012) The Report should include licensed data from all companies in your Group writing business in the State of Vermont. The Report is due 45 days after the end of the most recent reporting year.

Vermont Price Monitor Report. The Department uses the report to calculate average premiums and price changes for the given lines of insurance.

If you have any questions regarding the Price Monitor Report please contact Kevin Gaffney at 802-828-4845.

Reports may be completed and emailed to the Insurance Division:  DFR - VTRateForm>