Workers' Compensation Insurance Information & Resource Page

Note: In Vermont, two separate state agencies divide regulatory oversight of the Worker's Compensation system. The Insurance Division (Department of Financial Regulation) regulates issues relating to insurers and the insurance market, and the Department of Labor deals with program administration and issues relating to claims. The resources on this page are primarily for Vermont business owners and insurance industry members.

See also on Department of Labor website: training and other events relating to Workers Compensation issues.

Who to Call for Assistance?

Employers with coverage issues or other problems with their insurance company? Contact the Insurance Division Consumer Services Section at 1-800-964-1784


Claim related questions? Please contact the Vermont Department of Labor at 802-828-2286.

Loss Costs and Assigned Risk Rates

LCM (Loss Cost Modifier) Adoption and Filing Forms:

Protected Formatting Note: Please note that the Insurance Division has posted Loss Cost and Assigned Risk Rate pages as a convenience to Vermont citizens and other interested parties. However, they are copyrighted products of the NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance Inc.). The NCCI provides the documents to Department of Financial Regulation in a protected format, which does not permit you to print or search the document. To inquire about obtaining this data in an unprotected format, please contact the NCCI directly at (800) 622-4123. You may also contact Lisa Brassard at (802) 828-2917 or


Carrier Obligation to the Residual Market

Information on carrier obligations to the residual market, including information on the National Workers Compensation Reinsurance Association NFP (NWCRA NFP) Bylaws, can be found on this resource page (click here).

Other Notes and Postings

H.632, the Workers' Compensation Bill, alters certain requirements for farmers (changes payroll threshold), sole proprietors (alters the test for) and small corporations (provides for an opt out under certain conditions). The changes took effect May 26, 2004. See explanatory memos:

Memo: June 3, 2004   Department of Financial Regulation
Memo: June 3, 2004 Department of Labor & Industry 

Note: Effective 07/01/12 Vermont's General Assembly established that contributions from employers will be remain at  1.75% of the direct calendar year premium for workers' compensation insurance. Please contact the Vermont Department of Labor for more information.