State Releases 2009 Health Resource Allocation Plan

Christine Oliver, Deputy Commissioner Health Care Administration 802-828-2900
07/01/2009 (All day)

Montpelier, VT—Commissioner Paulette Thabault of the Vermont Department of Banking,Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration (BISHCA) released today the 2009 HealthResource Allocation Plan (“the HRAP”), a comprehensive document that supports Vermont’smost important health policy goals. Among those goals are: enhancing chronic caremanagement, promoting wellness, achieving cost effective care, and the integration of mentalhealth and substance abuse services with other health services. The HRAP incorporates adiverse group of professional and consumer perspectives on Vermont’s health care system.Commissioner Thabault said, “This very extensive planning document suggests manyrecommendations and implementation options for improving Vermont’s health care system. Itcovers a range of topics including types of services we need in Vermont, providing care to allparts of our state, and addressing health care workforce shortages. We don’t presume that all theoptions presented can or should be acted upon. We instead hope that the HRAP will fosterdebate and help guide health care reform efforts to provide accessible, affordable, high qualityhealth care to all Vermonters.”The first HRAP was published in 2005 in accordance with 2003 legislation known as Act 53,which contained numerous health care planning and evaluation mandates. The 2009 documentbuilds on the feedback and lessons learned from the seminal effort in 2005.#fn