Proposed Rules and Regulations

Regulation I-79-2 (Revised xx/xx/xxxx), Fair Claims Practices

The proposed rule revises the existing insurance trade practices regulation to update the methodology used to determine the cash settlement value insurers pay in motor vehicle total losses. The rule clarifies how the value of a replacement vehicle is determined in the event that the claimant's vehicle is determined to be a total loss. The proposed rule also codifies requirements for matching of replacement items and parts for partial losses.

Contact person:  Dan Raddock, 802-828-2921;

Public hearing:  11/6/2017 at 10 am., DFR offices, 89 Main Street, 3rd Floor Conference Room, Montpelier, Vermont

Deadline for comment:  11/14/17

Full text of proposed rule

Full text of proposed rule (annotated)

Regulation H-2009-02 – Health Care Stop Loss Insurance

The proposed amendments remove the per-employee dollar-amount provision governing minimum aggregate attachment points (§ 4(A)(b)(i)), clarify the amendment’s effective date, and require DFR to commission an actuarial study of appropriate attachment points every three years.

Contact Person: Gavin Boyles, 802-828-1425,

Public Hearing: 9/28/17 at 10:00 a.m., DFR Offices, 89 Main St., Montpelier

Deadline for Comment: 10/9/17

Full Text of Proposed Rule and Other Materials Filed with Secretary of State

Office of the Health Care Advocate’s Comments on Proposed Rule