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Direct enrollment in VHC modified

Friday, January 31, 2014
Docket No. 13-043-I


This order amends the “Order to smooth transition to VHC” that was issued on November 7, 2013. 


DOCKET NO. 13-043-I

In re: Vermont Health Connect Transition






1. Pursuant to the authority granted by law, including but not limited to that contained in 8 V.S.A. §§ 10-12, 15, 3661,4061, 4080a, 4080b, and 4087, the Commissioner of the Department of Financial Regulation of the State of Vermont (the "Commissioner") administers and enforces the insurance laws and regulations of the State of Vermont.

2. Pursuant to Title 8, including but not limited to 8 V.S.A. § 15, the Commissioner of the Department of Financial Regulation (the "DFR") may "issue orders as shall be authorized by or necessary to the administration of [Title 8] ... and to carry out the purposes of [Title 8]."

3. This Order is pursuant to all applicable authority granted by law and referenced in Order Regarding Vermont Health Connect Transition and Implementation (Vt. Dep't of Financial Reg. Nov. 7, 2013) ("November 2013 Order").


1. This Order is issued pursuant to the Findings of the November 2013 Order.

2. The November 2013 Order has provided effective support for the Vermont Health Connect transition and implementation by providing flexibility in enrollment in qualified health plans and continued flexibility by extending the operative period of the November 2013 Order is appropriate.


Pursuant to authority granted by Section 41 a of Act 171, as well as pursuant to authority granted by Title 8, and as well as pursuant to all applicable authority granted by law and referenced in the November 2013 Order, the following ORDER is to the extent described below, effective as of the date of execution:

Based upon the findings, IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that the November 2013 Order be AMENDED so that, until further notice by the Department, all health insurers that provide coverage under a health insurance plan to small employers that are members of small groups or associations shall enroll those small employers in the qualified health insurance plan that most closely resembles their existing plan so as to avoid any gap in coverage. The health insurer shall enroll all such appropriate small employers unless a small employer affirmatively selects a different qualified health plan, in which the health insurer may enroll the employer directly.

Susan L. Donegan, Commissioner

Department of Financial Regulation