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Life and Health Filing Procedures

Wednesday, January 1, 1997
Insurance Bulletin #113




An updated guideline for the filing of rates, forms, and rules in the State of Vermont :

1. Number of copies required: One copy of the filing material is required, with an extra copy of the transmittal letter for return to the company. This also applies to single filings involving more than one company within a group. As before, the content of multi-company filings must be identical.

2. Filing revisions: Any revision to a filing, including effective date and other corrections, must be treated as a new filing, complete with the appropriate fiche and fee.

3. Fiche and filing fees: Each filing must be accompanied by a fiche and the appropriate filing fee, or it will be disapproved and returned as an incomplete filing, without further review. All fiche must have a descriptive title on it’s top border.

4. Stamped self addressed envelopes: As before, all life and health filings must be accompanied by two stamped, self addressed envelopes. One will be used to acknowledge receipt of the filing and assign a filing number, and the other will be for our ensuing response. This requirement also applies to all interim correspondence requiring a response from this Department.

If this requirement is not complied with, you may not receive a response from this Department.

5. Status checks: As per Bulletin 91, please do not contact this Department regarding the status of a filing until at least 45 days after your mailing date. For telephone status checks, you must have the filing number assigned by this Department: otherwise, the request must be in mailed to us, with a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

6. Referenced material: All referenced material is required to be included with each filing.