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Life, Annuity & Health Filings

Wednesday, July 15, 1998
Insurance Bulletin #120

Bulletin 120

Life, Annuity, and Health Filings

July 15, 1998

Effective on July 15, 1998, all Life & Annuity, and Health filings must contain an explanation of how the filing fee was determined by the filer. This will be accomplished using the newly created mandatory F105 form for Life & Annuity filings, and the F106 form for Health filings.

A. The first part of form F105 items (1) through (7) is self explanatory. The parts on the F106 form titled Filing Contents, and Type of Filing are self explanatory.

For B,C, D, and E below; reference the second part of the Life & Annuity F105 form, Mandatory-Filing Fee Information, and the third part of the Health F106 form, Mandatory-Filing Fee Information.

B. Items (1) State of Domicile, and (2) Amount of Fee, are self explanatory.

C. Item (3) regarding Retaliatory Fee, must be answered “yes” or “no”, with an explanation given under item (4).

D. Item (4) calculations, must show the calculations used in arriving at the fee, regardless of whether it was a retaliatory fee or it was determined by some other method.

E. Item (5) must be signed by the person submitting the calculations. The name must also be typed or printed next to the signature.


For further information on this bulletin, please contact Thomas J. Crompton, Chief of Life and Annuities, for Life & Annuity filings at 802-828-4845. Please contact Kyle F. Mooney, Health Analyst, for Health filings at 802-828-2908.