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Withdrawal of Unnessary or Superceded Bulletins

Thursday, July 1, 2010
Insurance Bulletin #158

Insurance Division Bulletin No. 158


The Department has reviewed Bulletins issued by the Commissioner, in connection with the re-design of the Department’s website, and in preparation for posting the Department’s regulations, and the bulletins and orders issued by the Commissioner on the website. During the course of such review, the Commissioner has determined that a number of existing bulletins are either no longer necessary, or have been superceded and rendered irrelevant by the passage of time or changed circumstances.

WHEREFORE, it is hereby ORDERED, that the following Bulletins are hereby WITHDRAWN, and declared of no further force and effect as of July 1, 2010:

1. Bulletin 59 (Financial Responsibility for Driving training & Jitneys)

2. Bulletin 65 (Compliance with Regulation 81-3)

3. Bulletin 72 (Single Premium Deferred Annuities)

4. Bulletin 74 (All Lines Filing Procedure Changes)

5. Bulletin 75 (Filing Status Inquiries)

6. Bulletin 76 (Mandatory Automobile Insurance)

7. Bulletin 81 (Mandatory Financial Responsibility; Proof of Insurance Cards)

8. Bulletin 85 (Limitations on Legal Actions in Insurance Policies)

9. Bulletin 89 (Insurers Who Provide Liquor Liability Coverage)

10. Bulletin 90 (Credit Life & Credit Accident Insurance)

11. Bulletin 93 (Acknowledgement of form Filings and Status checks)

12. Bulletin 112 (Property & Casualty Filing Procedures)

13. Bulletin 113 (Life & Health Filing Procedures)

14. Bulletin 115 (1997 Workers' Comp Loss Costs)

15. Bulletin 118 (Implementation of Changes Required by Act 117)

16. Bulletin 119 (Property & Casualty Filing Fees)

17. Bulletin 126 (Surcharges for accidents Caused by Recalled Tires)

Dated this _7__ day of June, 2010.