Registration and Renewal Fees

Note:  All fees are nonrefundable

Electronic filers make payments through the Central Registration Depository/Investment Advisor Registration Depository. (CRD/IARD).  For paper filers, make checks payable to "Department of Financial Regulation".

Firms and Individuals

Registration and Renewal Fees  
Broker-dealer firm--FINRA and non-FINRA $250.00
State registered investment adviser $250.00
Federally covered investment adviser- notice filing fee $250.00
Broker-dealer agents $60.00
Issuer agents $60.00
Investment adviser representatives $55.00

Branch Office Fees

Initial and Renewal  
Registration and Renewal of broker-dealer branch office $100.00
Registration, Renewal or notice filing, notice filing renewal of investment adviser branch office $100.00

*please review specific filing requirements for branch offices when branch is both a broker-dealer branch and investment adviser branch


Transfer Fees

Broker-dealer agent mass transfer fee $60.00
Investment adviser representative mass transfer fee $55.00
Branch office  transfer fee- broker-dealer $100.00
Branch office transfer fee - investment adviser $100.00

All Securities

Registration, Notice Filing, and Renewals $600.00
Exemptions N/C

Interpretive Opinions and No Action Determinations

Fee applies to each request for an interpretive opinion or no-action determination $250.00