DFR Regulations, Orders, Bulletins & Market Conduct Exams

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Bulletin Banking Bulletin #31 08/27/2007 Property Insurance for Prospective Borrowers
Regulation Reg. I-2010-03 05/15/2011 Property & Casualty Insurance Filing Procedures & Reporting Requirements
Bulletin Insurance Bulletin # 22 12/16/1974 Proper Identification by Insurance Producers in Contact with Prospective Insureds
Order Docket No. 14-064-I 08/27/2015 Progressive Insurance Companies
Order Docket No. 13-001-S 03/08/2013 ProEquities, Inc.
Bulletin Insurance Bulletin #156 11/24/2008 Producer Bulletin
Regulation Reg. I-2001-01 11/17/2001 Privacy of Consumer Financial and Health Information Regulation
Regulation B-2015-02 12/28/2015 Privacy of Consumer Financial and Health Information
Bulletin Insurance Bulletin #188 01/19/2016 Privacy Notices – Regulation IH-2001-01 Use of Federal Model Privacy Form
Bulletin Insurance Bulletin # 186 06/24/2015 Price Optimization in Personal Lines Ratemaking
Order Docket No. 13-011-I 12/17/2014 Prest & Associates, Inc.
Bulletin Insurance Bulletin #111 10/18/1996 Pollution Coverage
Order Docket No. 16-013-B 06/30/2016 PMAC Lending Services, Inc
Order Docket No. 13-038-B 05/22/2014 Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc.
Order Docket No. 18-001-B 01/03/2018 PHH Mortgage Corporation
Order Docket No. 16-008-I 01/29/2016 Phenix Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Order Docket No. 10-038-S 05/14/2010 Peter Van Hamm and Meyers Associates, L.P.
Order Docket No. 10-040-I 07/03/2010 Peter R. Becker
Bulletin Banking Bulletin #11 06/18/1984 Permitted Charges on Subordinate Lien Mortgages
Bulletin Banking Bulletin #19 06/23/1997 Permitted Charges on Mortgages
Order Docket No. 17-022-S 08/10/2017 People’s Securities, Inc.
Order Docket No. 11-075-I 11/28/2011 Penny Marine
Order Docket No. 16-016-B 05/31/2016 PayPal, Inc., as successor to Venmo, LLC
Bulletin Banking Bulletin #35 01/25/2012 PACE Reserve Fund
Bulletin Banking Bulletin #34(Rev) 04/02/2012 PACE Assessment Underwriting Criteria and Standards