Vermont Legacy Insurance Management Act (LIMA)

Press ConferenceExpanding Vermont’s worldwide reputation as an insurance pioneer, Gov. Peter Shumlin signed the Vermont Legacy Insurance Management Act (LIMA) on Wednesday, February 19, 2014. This law creates specialized Vermont insurance companies that would acquire commercial policies from other companies wishing to get old policies off their books enabling them to use capital reserves for new initiatives. Read more in the press release.

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Welcome to the Department of Financial Regulation

The Department of Financial Regulation's job is to protect consumers against unfair and unlawful business practices in the areas of banking, securities (investments) and insurance, while ensuring that licensed entities are financially healthy. It regulates and monitors a broad spectrum of financial services activities. The chief regulator of the Department is Commissioner Susan L. Donegan.

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Health Insurers Annual Reports

Health Insurers Annual Reports as mandated by the Legislature are now available here. These reports include statistics regarding claims, appeals, marketing and advertising expenses, lobbying and legal expenses and political contibutions as well as other financial data.