DFR misrepresented in phone survey

The Vermont Department of Financial Regulation is not conducting any surveys of any kind at this time.
DFR has received reports of someone conducting a telephone survey claiming to represent DFR’s Insurance Division.
The caller is a woman with an accent who states her affiliation as the “State of Vermont Insurance Division” and caller ID shows the originating phone number as 802-321-8055.

Christina Rouleau named deputy commissioner of the Insurance Division

Christina Rouleau
Christina Rouleau
Deputy Commissioner

DFR Commissioner Michael S. Pieciak named Christina Rouleau the new deputy commissioner of the Insurance Division.
Read more: http://www.dfr.vermont.gov/press-release/christina-rouleau-lead-dfr-insu...

Beware of the “Can you hear me?” phone scam

There are warnings about another phone scam that records your answer to the question: “Can you hear me?” If you respond “yes,” the recording may be used to confirm the purchase of a product or service and later demand payment for it.
The questions vary: It could be “are you the lady of the house?”; “do you pay the household telephone bills?”; “are you the homeowner?”; or any number of similar yes/no questions. A reasonable response is “Who are you, and why do you want to know?” Or hang up immediately. Don’t press any buttons. That alerts fraudsters that your phone number is an active number.

Consumer alert: Possible phone scam

The Department of Financial Regulation has been notified that a number of Vermonters have received questionable phone calls from people claiming affiliation with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont (BCBSVT). The caller offers a special program regarding pain management and opioid prescriptions and asks the consumer to disclose personal information to determine qualification for the program.

Three Vermonters named to Captive Review Hall of Fame

The original captive bill is signed in 1981 by Gov. Richard Snelling. In the foreground are all the Captive Review captive service awards the department has received.

Deputy Commissioner David Provost and two former Captive Division heads, Leonard Crouse and Edward Meehan, are three of the 13 inductees to the Captive Review Hall of Fame. The magazine, “Captive Review,” said it aims to recognize people who have “shaped and driven the captive journey over the past half-century.”


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