About Us


We promote and assure the financial health, stability, quality and integrity of Vermont financial service providers and health care entities.


The Department secures and enforces full access to healthy, responsible financial and health care services in Vermont.


  1. Maintain Vermont’s status as the premier captive insurance domicile in the United States while ensuring the financial solvency of captive insurance companies in Vermont.
  2. All Vermonters will have access to fair, equitable and competitive financial services and products at a reasonable price offered by financially stable and ethical providers.
  3. Vermont will have an attractive market for insurers providing available and affordable insurance for all Vermont consumers.
  4. Vermonters will have the highest quality, most affordable, most accessible health care system in the country.
  5. Protect all Vermont investors while promoting the legitimate formation of capital in Vermont.
  6. Maintain high quality legal and enforcement services within the Department.
  7. Provide timely, accurate and responsive administrative services to internal and external customers.

Susan Donegan


State of Vermont
Department of Financial Regulation
89 Main Street, Montpelier, VT 05602 - 3101
Main Number 802-828-3301