Insurance Consumer

Insurance Consumer

Be aware before you share

DFR urges consumers to check insurance policies before sharing rides, rooms

The new “sharing economy” is changing the landscape of small business in the U.S. and Vermont.  Opportunities to rent everything from rides to rooms, golf clubs to cameras, are popping up everywhere and while you may be tempted to take advantage of these money-making innovations, make sure you know what your insurance policy covers.

Cat and Dog Pet Insurance FAQs

Q: Who Needs Pet Insurance?
Many of the Pet Insurance companies emphasize that dog owners have a policy.  This is because the veterinarian costs tend to be higher due to dog’s higher chance of injury due to more active lifestyles. However, pet insurance is also geared towards cat owners. Premiums are usually less expensive for cats because many tend to stay indoors much or all of the time.

Tip Sheet: travel insurance

  1. If you’re over 60, you will probably have to fill out a medical questionnaire when applying for travel health insurance. If you are unsure about how to answer a question, consult your doctor and ask to see your medical records. This will help you to understand the conditions you have so you can answer the questions accurately.