DFR Regulations, Orders, Bulletins & Market Conduct Exams

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Bulletin Banking Bulletin #48 01/24/2018 Home Loan Escrow Accounts
Bulletin Insurance Bulletin #198 01/08/2018 Joint Guidance on Providing Advice for Securities and Insurance Products
Order Docket No. 18-001-B 01/03/2018 PHH Mortgage Corporation
Bulletin Application of Statutory Employee Exception Following Koski 12/20/2017 Insurance Bulletin #197
Order Yapstone Holdings, Inc. and YapStone, Inc. 12/18/2017 Docket No. 17-023-B
Order Docket No. 17-030-S 11/28/2017 Bankers Life and Casualty Co. and BLC Financial Services, Inc.
Order Docket No. 17-026-I 11/09/2017 Jessie J Bible
Order Docket No. 17-024-I 11/09/2017 Chandra Barr
Bulletin Insurance Bulletin #199 11/01/2017 Bulletin Authorizing the Use of Catastrophe Adjusters and Appraisers During Catastrophe or Extraordinary Loss Events
Bulletin Insurance Bulletin #196 10/16/2017 Health Insurance Coverage for Part-Time Employees
Bulletin Insurance Bulletin #195 10/04/2017 Coding of Screening Mammograms
Order Docket No. 17-022-S 08/10/2017 People’s Securities, Inc.
Order Docket No. 17-016-I 08/01/2017 Liberty Mutual Companies
Order Docket No. 17-014-B 07/18/2017 DOXO, Inc.
Order Docket No. 17-009-I 07/17/2017 Vicki L. Boser; InsuranceTek, Inc.
Order Docket No. 17-018-S 07/06/2017 Rodney Winthrop Thompson and Winthrop Investment Mgmt. Co.
Bulletin Banking Bulletin #47 06/29/2017 Money Transmitter Receipts Guidance & Transition Period
Order Docket No. 17-021-B 06/29/2017 Order: Transition Period for Money Transmitters To Implement Receipt Requirements
Order Docket No. 16-036-I 06/26/2017 Deborah Lefaivre
Bulletin Banking Bulletin #46 06/19/2017 Motor Vehicle Retail Installment Sales Finance Act Guidance
Order Docket No. 17-015-B 06/16/2017 Glenview Auto Loan Fund LLC—Amendment to May 26, 2017 Cease and Desist Order
Bulletin Insurance Bulletin # 194 06/07/2017 Expense Discounts for Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies
Order Docket No. 17-017-B 06/05/2017 State Regulatory Registry LLC and Nationwide Multistate Licensing System
Regulation C-81-2 (Rev.) 06/01/2017 Captive Insurance Financial Regulation
Regulation Reg. C-2012-2 (Rev.) 06/01/2017 Holding Company System Regulations for Risk Retention Groups Chartered in Vermont